The two most crucial components of a design submission are specifications and layouts. It is important to supply complete written specifications covering every element within the manuscript. The specs should also include full layout instructions, trim size, margins, page size, and printer information if available. Design layouts should accompany specifications if possible. If any discrepancies occur, the written specs will take precedence over the layouts unless we are instructed otherwise.

If full specifications and layouts are not available for a particular title, PD&PS is well equipped to adapt or modify existing designs. Whether you are adding a few text elements, changing a trim size, “freshening up” an existing design, our designers can handle it with ease.

And, of course, if you want a completely new design, PD&PS offers full design service. Download the PD&PS Sample Book for examples of interior and jacket designs. Also available, for download, are samples of other cover designs created by PD&PS.