Technical Art

PD&PS has a full-service art department that can handle almost any art production project. We use the latest industry standard software, and our artists have fine art as well as computer training backing them up. Because of this, art programs produced by PD&PS are crisp, consistent, and visually pleasing. From simple one-color flow charts to complex four-color illustrations, we can produce artwork quickly, economically, and of the highest quality. See the PD&PS Showcase area for examples of technical artwork created by PD&PS.

Scanning and Color Correction

Reflective or transparent originals are scanned in as either line art, grayscale, or full-color CMYK files. The files are then leveled, sharpened, and color corrected to be sure the final printed artwork matches the original. Numerous factors are taken into account when adjusting electronic files. PD&PS works closely with the printer to make sure the scans we supply will print correctly on press. See the PD&PS Showcase area for representative scans and compare photos before and after file correction.

Supplied files from multiple sources present another challenge. Even if we don’t scan the art, we make sure each file is processed correctly to maintain a consistent look and feel across the entire project. You can send an entire art package to PD&PS and know it will be handled right the first time.