Composition and electronic page makeup have always been a mainstay of our business. From simple one-color books, through technical and math titles, to complex four-color projects, our typesetters and page layout artists take pride in producing the best pages possible.

Book Design

We call it Publishers’ Design and Production Services for a reason. We take pride in our design services and strive to create fresh, up-to-date designs that are appropriate to the subject matter and to the intended audience. Our designers will create a complete design for all internal elements and supply sample layouts, color palettes, and complete written composition specifications. See the PD&PS Showcase area for sample one- and four-color interior and cover designs.

In addition to full design services, PD&PS is well equipped to adapt or modify existing designs. Whether you are adding a few text elements, changing a trim size, or want to "freshen up" an existing design, our designers can handle it with ease.

Sample Pages

If the publisher supplies the text design, the first step in the composition process is the creation of sample pages. We go through the manuscript, compile a listing of all typographic elements, and create a master design template from this sample manuscript. The template will be an accurate representation of the final typeset pages, including a sampling of text elements, tables, artwork, and photos. Before they are sent to the publisher, the sample pages are checked and proofread to ensure that the design is faithfully represented. There is no charge for sample pages on any book that PD&PS produces.

Text Input

Generating clean text files is an important next step in the production process. Whether the files are supplied as author-generated disks, keyboarded by PD&PS, or scanned in as OCR text files, we take care to accurately incorporate all formatting information and editorial changes called for on the original manuscript. The book is now ready to begin the page makeup process.

Page Makeup

Our page-makeup artists take over now. The template is combined with the formatted text and electronic art files to generate the pages in QuarkXpress. This is where it all comes together. The style sheets render the text and heads in the correct sizes and fonts, the tables are formatted, and the art is incorporated. We take specific note of the quality and “color” of the type. Rivers of white space are redirected, stacked hyphens or word ends are broken, kerning and hyphenation is set—no detail is overlooked.

Page makeup is more than just balancing pages—it is an art. No set of rules can anticipate every layout variable. Our artists rely on their years of experience to lay out pages that "just look right." It’s an intangible that you can’t get with automatic pagination software.