Publishers’ Design and Production Services, Inc. specializes in college and professional text composition. We are fully capable of taking your manuscript from the initial author-generated text through copyediting, composition, proofreading, indexing, and final file preparation for the printer. We work closely with many publishers and printers across the country, and we constantly update our procedures to meet new technology standards.

We are very proud of our four-color capabilities as well. Our art department ensures proper color correction on supplied files or on original art we scan in-house, renders complex four-color artwork in Adobe Illustrator©, and works with our designers to create icons and spot art. Our designers create color palettes, layouts, and full written specifications. Composition and layout are all fully digital in QuarkXpress on a Macintosh. Final files are delivered in PDF format to the printer’s specifications for complete compatibility and ease of printing.

Explore how PD&PS can work with you to make your next book production project come in on time, within budget, and most important, to your highest quality standards.

PD&PS has a dedicated staff of proofreaders and copyeditors and has close relationships with specialists in many fields to ensure that we are ready for any project that comes along. Whether working on medical, computer science, social science, biology, automotive technology, or fire science titles, our copy editors bring a clear understanding of the subject matter to the project. We are involved in many ongoing series, and publishers appreciate the care and consistency we bring to each title.


PD&PS follows the publisher’s supplied style sheet and the written specifications for each job in production. For items not covered, we have comprehensive house style guidelines. If a style sheet is not supplied, PD&PS editors will generate one and supply it with the copyedited manuscript.

For additional material not covered, we refer to:

Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed.,

Words into Type, 3rd ed.,

Webster’s Tenth New Collegiate Dictionary


Before pages are sent out for review, if the publisher requests, a thorough proofreading from hard copy is performed. In addition, any obvious copyediting errors are corrected, all typographic specifications are checked, figure and table references are reconciled, author queries are transferred, and clean corrected pages are generated for publisher review.

If schedules are tight, a publisher may request a simultaneous proofread. Our proofreaders read the first pages at the same time the publisher and authors are reviewing them. We then merge our proofread set with the publisher-reviewed pages and generate final pages.

Quality Control

All titles go through QC before the revised pages are sent out for review. Typographic specifications are checked, including running head copy, trim and margins, page makeup, and figure and table placement. All editor and author corrections are checked for accuracy, and care is taken to keep text reflow to a minimum. Any reset copy is flagged for publisher review.

Project Management

Most important, PD&PS also offers full production management. We handle all author contact, track shipments to and from the publisher and authors, coordinate art packages, create and manage schedules, send weekly progress reports, and ensure a timely delivery of the final files to the printer.